Cheap Windows VPS Hosting with HyperV or Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo is a third-party application which is created by Parallels Inc. Virtuozzo totally operates in a mixture of kernel and user space within a proprietary kernel that permits child nodes to completely borrow resources as required and as long as they are available on the parent node.

Using the Virtuozzo Containers it is easy to utilize the servers by three times over hypervisor solutions that provides cost saving advantages not only in maintenance and energy costs but also by reduction of new server expenses.

Pros of Virtuozzo

Platform Independent : In Virtuozzo we are able to install & run almost any Operating System such as cheap windows vps or linux based OS which works better for the Hosting Provider.

GUI based Web Power panel : Virtuozzo itself provides a web-based GUI named as Virtuozzo Power Panel. This panel enables users to handle and manage the servers without using complex commands.

Simple and easy restore : Virtuozzo provides an easy visual user interface than HyperV, along with the ability to have full root accessibility and restore an individual file or the entire VPS as required.

Cons of Virtuozzo :

Shared RAM : Virtuozzo VPSs generally fails when the hosting server doesn’t have a enough amount of RAM because it depends on virtual RAM it also starts killing processes when server is out of memory.

No Virtual device Support : Virtuozzo has a tendency not to allow customized things like VPN/Virtual devices without using of explicit support.

Resource Sharing : Using Virtuozzo Virtual Machine, any time one user is utilizing resources such as CPU or RAM highly, then it slows things down for all, even if every servers have similar resources.

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